Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I just googled Hazmat suits for kids

I had the unusual pleasure of getting away with my husband for a long weekend--alone--without children--by ourselves--just adults. There was no business or work involved, simply a much needed weekend of relaxation, warmer climate, and leisurely meals without interruption. Oh, and did I mention the rollercoasters? {And the ALONE-ness?}

Joe's frequent work travels result in a few perks. So free plane tickets and hotel rooms, in laws to keep our girls, and this maddening winter all gave us a valid excuse to GET THE HECK OUTTA HERE. I mean, leave for a short time while missing everyone terribly.

For all my husband's businessy-savvy-serious-workishness, he must actually be a big kid at heart, since almost every trip we take somehow involves a rollercoaster. But that's ok, since I like rollercoasters, too. And it's been kinda rare, in recent times, that we are able to enjoy a good rollercoaster ride together, seeing as how I have been pregnant or with a small child in tow for the past 8 years.

So we hopped a flight down to Orlando {ALONE} and immediately went to bed. Since that's how we roll. But the next day we took our fun rollercoaster-loving selves to Universal Studios/Isands of Adventure where I met a Transformer and drank an entire butterbeer.

And those, folks, are the only two pictures we took the entire weekend. We had other funs, like eating beignets at a piano bar and seeing a mid-day movie, watching people eat pureed worms at a Fear Factor show and, of course, riding rollercoasters.
We also saw the Barenaked Ladies in concert who, I had to later explain to my girls, were neither Ladies nor Naked.
It was such a great respite from the delirium that has become this forsaken winter. I seriously rebuke this winter. I'm just not even going to recount the various trials and tribulations {ie: very minor, yet annoying, illnesses} that have troubled us, but suffice it to say that someone has been sick in one various form or another, since Christmas. 
The insane and frigid winter has wreaked all sorts of havoc. Our backyard pool froze over like a skating rink. Our dog refused to go outside for a solid week {YOWZA!} and we had a great deal of family togetherness that involved us sharing many germs, apparently.
Imagine how thrilled we were when this week dawned gloriously warmer and brighter! I practically forced my kids outside yesterday afternoon. {I believe the words were "Go outside and play or stay inside and clean. Your choice."} So anyway they went outside to play and not 10 minutes later Audrey Kate came frantically running back inside to let me know that Abby was stuck upside down in the swingset.
Why wouldn't she be?
And then Audrey Kate immediately fell and lost her leg scraped her knee a bit. Maybe it would help if she wore her shoes on the right feet? I dunno.

{No children were seriously injured in the taking of these insensitive photographs.}
And I got them tidied up and unstuck and back to playing only to have Abby come sobbing to the back door 5 minutes later, followed closely by her sister, with approximately 1 wrist injury and 2 arm scratches, respectively.
At that point I asked, "Did you children forget how to play outside? Has it been that long, really? Do you need playing outside lessons?"
{And when I walked back into my kitchen I realized I had left the gas burner going on the stove and I had to ask myself, "Did you forget how to cook? Do you need cooking lessons?"} Yes. Yes I do.
But thankfully, as of yesterday, we had been illness free for approximately 4 days and it felt awesome and I was ready to declare ourselves "fit to go out in public" once more...
until Abby woke up this morning...
And instead of all the things I was going to do, I stayed at home and took temperatures and administered medicines,
and sat in front of the computer googling
hazmat suits for kids.
If you see this little green guy around town don't be afraid.
It's just Abby.

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AuntKat said...

Rebuke winter. Of course you Northerners do! Loved this and miss y'all.

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